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CloudTMS is part of the CloudNeuro LLC family of devices and services

We started as an educational website back in 1996 to help train providers in the practice of Nerve Conduction and EMG studies online. In 2005 we began selling EMG devices as part of our educational training and practice setup programs. We have since then expanded our reach into other Neuro device and educational markets, including repetitive TMS systems, qEEG systems. These devices are well suited to neurological or psychiatric practices. They not only aid the provider in dianosis of many neurological conditions, neuropathies, mental disorder but also in the treatment of said pathologies. Our primary goal is to make the fields of psychiatry, neuroscience and neurology more accessible through the use of disruptive technologies. We believe in expanded patient access for these incredible technologies.

CloudNeuro started as a small family company in 1996. It has since then expanded to 30+ employees & several thousand satisfied customers spanning several countries, including the US, UK, China, & Brazil.