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Competitively priced

Our sales are direct, we don’t maintain a costly sales force like the competition. We pass the cost savings on to you.

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Portable design

The size and weight of a smart phone, and draws power from the laptop so it doesn’t need to be tethered to a wall outlet.

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Training & Education

We've put all of our training videos on our website, for free, so you can browse and learn from your office or at home.


Purchase & Setup

An easy to set up, complete solution.

CloudEMG Machine
  • FDA cleared Focus EMG machine
  • Fully customizable & comprehensive reports
  • Intensive EMG & nerve conduction training
  • Complimentary passes to our hands on training courses Personalized
  • EMG Practice Dashboard
  • Free customer support
  • Perform EMG & nerve conduction tests
  • Access to EMG reimbursement guide
  • Perform Galvanic skin response tests
  • Discounted Electrodes & EMG supplies

After you purchase

Your CloudEMG machine ships in 3-5 business days

1. Delivery

A CloudEMG package is delivered to your practice.

2. Scheduling

Our customer support will call you to schedule training.

3. Training

A certified trainer conducts training through a video call.

4. Support

Training is finished, but free lifetime support is available.

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