CloudTMS Double Cone Coil for OCD



CloudTMS for OCD and the novel Double Cone Coil (DCC) were cleared by the FDA for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) on 3/10/2023 (K221129).


The Double Cone Coil consists of two overlapping coils that allow for deeper tissue penetration and broader stimulation of the cortex.

Besides its lightweight and low dB noise, the coil is internally cooled by a continuously circulating silicone oil that is pumped through its hollow copper wires to avoid any overheating during extended stimulations.

Lightweight, low dB noise, and continuous cooling make the DCC ideal for extended treatment sessions. No need to purchase a new device, only a software upgrade to your existing device is required to implement the OCD and Double Cone Coil compatibility.

And, as always, CloudTMS and the Double Cone Coil remain the most competitively priced device and coils on the market.

If you need to know more about CloudTMS for OCD and the Double Cone Coil, please call or contact us for more information.